Resource allocation model for police

Resource Allocation Model for Police (RAMP)

RAMP enables a police force to rapidly evaluate strategic change options for its service delivery model. Its scope can include any aspect of operational policing, including Incident Response, Investigation,  Neighbourhood Policing and Safeguarding. RAMP also provides a sustainable capability for Forces to evaluate change. Examples include sizing dedicated teams for specialist investigation or protection roles, or moving workload between specialist and neighbourhood or response teams. RAMP is designed to work with other components of our evidence based toolset for more detailed modelling of time critical processes such as contact management and incident response.


  • Evidence-based matching of resource to demand at a Force-wide level
  • Clear understanding of the service and cost implications of structural changes
  • Quicker organisational response to changing policing priorities and emerging threats
  • A strong foundation for engaging Police & Crime Commissioners and Police employees
Resource allocation in line with policing priorities
Optimise the resource allocation for your target operating model

Avon & Somerset Constabulary headquarters

RAMP Features in Avon and Somerset PEEL Inspection

RAMP was initially configured by Process Evolution’s consultants to help Avon & Somerset Constabulary determine the resource allocation for its new Operating Model implementation in the key functions of Incident Response, Local Investigation and Neighbourhood Policing. The Force subsequently acquired the software and has extended its scope across a much broader range of policing processes. The value of RAMP was recognised in HMIC’s recent PEEL inspection of the Force. In the report, HMIC stated that “RAMP ensures a systematic and scientific way of aligning resources to demand and providing sustainable services to the public.”. For further information and to read details of other Forces using RAMP see the case study link below.

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