Ambulance Response Profiler

Ambulance Response Profiler is a computer simulation model that accurately mimics an ambulance service’s emergency medical service. Its purpose is to test the impact on timeliness of response and cost of service provision of a range of scenarios, including:

  • Changes to health care provision, such as
    • Increased paramedic care in the home setting and reduced conveyance to hospitals
    • Reconfiguration of health services such as new hospital locations
  • Alternative service delivery models, such as use of dual crewed ambulances, single crewed paramedic cars and urgent care vehicles
  • Use of co-responder services
  • Trends in demand
  • Changes to resources, including skill mix and shift patterns

Ambulance Response Profiler is designed to be used in conjunction with the XIMES shift pattern design software for the development and testing of new rotas. It is also underpinned by travel time matrices between stations, dynamic standby points and incident locations, based upon HERE data and generated via our Facility Location Planner software.


  • Reduced overtime costs
  • Increased attendance rate
  • Improved response times
  • Accurate quantification of resource requirements
  • Transparency of how solutions have been derived enabling faster ‘buy in’ to change
  • Reduced risk when making change

SWAS underpins business plans with Ambulance Response Profiler

South Western Ambulance Service has been working with Process Evolution since 2008 and has established its own internal capability to use the evidence based toolset. The toolset was used to underpin the Trust’s 5-year business plan, part of its successful application to become a foundation trust. It is now seen as a fundamental part of the Trust’s strategy of continuous improvement. To read the full case study click the link below.

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