East Midlands Operational Support Service (EMOpSS)

Leaders of EMOpSS (East Midland Operational Support Service) credited Process Evolution with ‘breaking some myths’ about how policing was being delivered and providing the detailed evidence to develop a new integrated service covering four counties that has improved performance as well as produced cashable savings of £5.2 million in its first year.

Client feedback

What Process Evolution did for us was to bust a number of myths around the best approach for armed vehicles and the distribution of staff across the region. They brought a science to our restructuring programme that really helped us, backed by our professional judgement. They helped us to build a strong business case for our Police and Crime Commissioners to show that they were getting value for money from our services.

Neil Rhodes

Chief Constable, EMOpSS

Process Evolution were absolutely fundamental in giving us the evidence and giving us the route forward in delivering our change programme. The whole model would have been very different without the analytical understanding and detail that Process Evolution provided.

Chris Haward

Chief Superintendent & Programme Leader, EMOpSS

The data was really difficult for people to argue with and allowed us to move beyond perceptions and start dealing with facts. This meant we could look at constructive solutions to the problems we were actually dealing with. With the help of the evidence-based approach, we are now delivering more performance in a more structured and focussed way, with less resource and having saved a considerable amount of money.

Ian Howick

Chief Superintendent & Programme Leader, EMOpSS

Client video interviews

Chief Superintendent Chris Haward

Chief Superintendent Ian Howick

Key findings and recommendations


  • Low utilisation of specialist personnel. Forces could not account for what firearms officers were doing between 30 and 50 per cent of the time, even though the chance of a firearms callout happening in one day was just 3%.
  • Higher incidents of crime in cross-border areas at the periphery of individual county police forces.

 “Officers will always tell you that they are very busy. What the data showed us was that their utilisation against their specific skillset was generally fairly low.”  Chief Superintendent


The change team considered a range of reorganisation options and assessed these with evidence and advice from Process Evolution. This resulted in the following main final recommendations:

  • Combine roads policing, serious collision investigation, armed policing and a range of specialist training across the four counties of Northamptonshire, Nottinghamshire, Leicestershire and Lincolnshire.
  • Create this new East Midland Operational Support Service (EMOpSS) with borderless command to cover 5,255 square miles and 2.9 million people.
  • Bring together responsibility for roads and armed response into a new unit called RARV (Roads and Armed Response Vehicles) to increase officer utilisation, whilst improving flexibility in responding to demand across the region.
  • Standardise firearms and other specialist training programmes across EMOpSS to reduce costs and abstraction rates.

Outcomes from the project

Performance improvements

After the initial two-month transition period, the newly reorganised service was achieving high standards of performance and these standards were maintained or improved in the months ahead.

Budget savings

The implemenation of EMOpSS resulted in a combined real-term budget reduction of £5.2 million per annum compared to the original baseline cost in the first year. In the following year, the budget was reduced again by a further £1.5 million.

Improved focus and flexibility

Specialist teams and command structures, determined by need instead of the traditional geographic borders of those forces, are allowing officers to quickly respond to incidents where the need is greatest.

Resilience in the face of new threats

The combined operational force has greater capacity and resilience to respond to major threats such as terrorism.

In their article on the collaboration, Police Professional commented that independent analysis, like that provided by Process Evolution, was important because: ‘it can help identify processes that could be streamlined and can isolate problems that are not apparent on a region-by-region basis but which become clear in a multi-force approach.’

The new organisation structure is allowing an integrated response to priority areas which cross county borders, such as along the A1(M).

How our collaboration delivered

We followed our proven 5-step process working in partnership with the EMOpSS team to successfully take the change programme from initial scoping to final implementation. Particularly valued by our clients was our:

  • Partnership working so that we became colleagues in the change process
  • Delivery of accurate evidence and analytical insight to underpin employee engagement
  • On-going support so we could collectively respond to new issues brought up by the change process

Peter Loader, Director

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