Process Evolution recently attended an open day held by the East Midlands Operations Support Service (EMOpSS). EMOpSS is a 4-force collaboration in the provision of armed response, roads policing and dogs services across the region.

The Open Day showcased the successful first 10 months of operation which has EMOpSS on track to realise £5.2m in its first year of operation out of an overall budget of around £38m previously spent by the four forces individually.

Process Evolution supported EMOpSS in the service design, making recommendations on the number and location of bases and patrol locations, resource levels and shift patterns.

According to Chief Constable Neil Rhodes, ‘Process Evolution busted a number of myths and provided a good scientific basis for all of our decisions’.

In their article on the collaboration, Police Professional commented that independent analysis, like that provided by Process Evolution, was important because: ‘it can help identify processes that could be streamlined and can isolate problems that are not apparent on a region-by-region basis but which become clear in a multi-force approach.”

Finally, then head of EMOpSS, Chief Supt (now ACC) Chris Haward stated “The whole model would have been very different without the analytical understanding and detail that Process Evolution brought to us. Without their input, I don’t think we would have had fully integrated teams. I think we would still have been operating with four separate teams in four separate Forces and just crossing borders every now and again.