Geographical optimisation with Facility Location Planner

Facility Location Planner

Facility Location Planner determines the optimal locations to serve geographically dispersed demand. It uses applies advanced optimisation algorithms, tailored for emergency services use, to determine the optimal locations for:

  • Estate such as custody facilities, fire stations and response hubs
  • Patrol, including development of dynamic status plans
  • Public access points

Embedded within FLP is the Maptitude desktop GIS software which contains HERE network data. This means that FLP takes into account the road network, including achievable speeds on different road networks when calculating the travel times from demand data and potential resource locations.


  • Optimising where you locate your resources and key facilities can reduce travel time, free up capacity and enable a more timely response to incidents.
  • Optimal locations based upon selected optimisation criteria
  • Workload allocation to each location
  • Provides first, second and third response times (e.g. for ARV scenarios)
Geographical optimisation with Facility Location Planner
Geographical optimisation case study

EMOpSS patrol locations

Use of Facility Location Planner was an integral part of our work with EMOpSS. It was used to test the current locations of EMOpSS estate, and to determine the optimal locations and sector catchment areas for patrol vehicles.

“What Process Evolution did for us was to bust a number of myths around the best approach for armed vehicles and the distribution of staff across the region.”

Neil Rhodes

Chief Constable, Lincolnshire Police

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