Forensics Profiler

Forensics Profiler comprises a suite of modules for scenario modelling of Forensic processes, including Crime Scene Investigation, Fingerprint Bureaux and Chemical Laboratories. Scenarios include changes to process, demand levels and shift patterns, enabling the resource requirements and process timeliness to be measured.


  • Improved CSI response times, improving quality of evidence gathered
  • Reduced elapsed time to detection, reducing crime by removing repeat offenders from circulation sooner
  • Quantify benefits from collaboration

Long history of support to forensic science processes

Process Evolution’s consultants first applied evidence based tools in Derbyshire in 2003. A project to examine CSI structures and processes slashed elapsed process times and raised detection rates. The project was recognised by our consultants along with colleagues from Derbyshire Constabulary winning the Operational Research Society’s President’s Medal competition. Subsequently, Process Evolution has undertaken programmes of work for the Home Office and individual forces. We also developed F-MIT, the system developed for the Home Office and police forces to manage contracts with forensic suppliers.

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Forensics Profiler

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