At our last Client Conference we showcased an add-on to our HARM tool which allowed integration with Tableau providing smoother mapping capability; greater flexibility and improved the overall user experience.

During the session we received feedback that the use cases looked to have substantial merit and applications across Emergency Services, however the procurement of Tableau licenses would provide challenging for many organisations, while other tools such as PowerBI were already being used within Police Forces and Fire and Rescue Services.

Following on from this feedback, we have invested time in recreating the functionality that we had shown in Tableau within the PowerBI environment. The embedded visualisation below, uses sample data to provide an overview of how this has been done. Each of the Tabs at the bottom provides the view of HARM at a different level of Geography. Dispatch Group, Local Policing Area, Neighbourhood Team Level, Neighbourhood and LSOA. 

A key feature with PowerBI is the interactive nature of views. By clocking on specific Bars on the right, this will highlight the relevant areas within the other parts of the visualisation – allowing for drill down capability and improved understanding of the outputs.

For further information about the Harm PowerBI add-on, or anything else relating to our Harm and Risk methodology, please contact