Harm & Risk Modelling (HARM)

Harm & Risk Modelling with HARM enables the mapping, measurement and modelling of harm and risk, providing quantitative and transparent evidence to support the identification, scoring and management of risk. HARM is capable of mapping multiple risk domains derived from multiple data sources.

HARM can be used to:

  • Support the development of  Force Management Statements (FMS) for Police Forces
  • Map risk in relation to Prevention, Protection and Response as part of a Fire and Rescue Service’s Integrated Risk Management Plan (IRMP) 
  • Map vulnerability data sourced from your own and partner agencies’ databases

Embedded within HARM is the Maptitude desktop GIS software which enables risk to be mapped at multiple levels, such as Local Policing Area / Section / Beat or District / Station Ground / LSOA. Maptitude also provides access to demographic information sourced from census data.


  • Transparency shows how risk scores have been derived
  • Provides a risk-based rationale for resource allocation
  • Drill-down enables use of risk information to drive local risk management and prevention activity

Hertfordshire Constabulary

HARM has been developed in partnership with Hertfordshire Constabulary and is based on the ideas of Supt. Sue Jameson. The Force were keen to build on the concept of the Cambridgeshire HARM Index which uses sentencing guidelines as a measure of the harm generated by individual crime types. With Process Evolution’s HARM tool, multiple domains (including the Cambridgeshire Index) can be combined to produce an overall risk score. These domains can include Indices of Multiple Deprivation, crime and incident data, for example.

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