Process Evolution’s Resource Allocation Model for Police (RAMP) features heavily in Avon and Somerset Constabulary’s PEEL: Police Efficiency 2015 inspection report undertaken by HMIC.

Achieving a ‘Good’ rating overall, Avon and Somerset achieved an ‘Outstanding’ rating for the ‘How well does the force use its resources to meet demand’ component. According to the report

“The constabulary has remodelled the structure of the constabulary to make the best use of its workforce. Allocating staff to the areas of police activity within the new operating model is informed by RAMP, which proposes appropriate levels of resources. This ensures a systematic and scientific way of aligning resources to
demand and providing sustainable services to the public”

RAMP forms part of Process Evolution’s evidence-based toolkit developed specifically for the emergency services. For further information, please email or call 0778 217 0337.