The way that Counter Terrorism Specialist Firearms Officers (CTSFOs) are structured across the United Kingdom will be changing following the agreement to implement a national operating model. Process Evolution has recently been working with the Joint Operations Unit of Thames Valley Police and Hampshire Constabulary to support them in understanding how the operating model may be delivered and how it may be applied in the context of the south east of England.

Firstly we undertook quantitative analysis to establish the full-time equivalent (FTE) headcount required to resource different elements of the operating model. This then led into the construction of options for shift patterns that could be implemented, all of which needed to provide the required operational capability whilst complying with working time directives and providing suitable levels of officer training.

Secondly, we’ve analysed historical demand for these officers in the region to inform decision making on how best to apply the model in the region. This focused upon assessing how resource should be geographically structured to align with operational demand and to understand the capacity within the national model to resource different types of operation across the region.