Evidence-based consulting

Evidence-based consulting stages

Process Evolution’s evidence-based consulting services are designed to produce practical and actionable recommendations for change that deliver real efficiency savings and performance improvements. Critically, our approach enables stakeholder engagement throughout to ensure understanding of the need for change and provide confidence in the outcome once it is implemented. We follow our proven 5-step process working in partnership with clients to successfully take change programmes from initial scoping to final implementation.

Evidence-based consulting - scoping

We hold a number of scoping meetings with senior teams and stakeholders, working through what needs to be done. Benefits

  • A single team approach
  • Shared understanding of objectives, priorities and context


  • Scoping report

Client feedback “Process Evolution became an integral and trusted member of the change team. They weren’t telling us how to put our model together but actually gave us the data and understanding to build our model with our professional judgement.”

We extract and consolidate performance and activity data from existing client systems. Our powerful Incident Analyser software tool helps us show clients what is really happening rather than what they think is happening. Benefits

  • A baseline for current processes, performance and workload
  • Rationale for change
  • Areas of opportunity identified


  • Interim findings

Client feedback “The data allowed us to move beyond perceptions and start dealing with facts. The data led us into a position where we could look at constructive solutions to the problems we were actually dealing with.”

We use our extensive suite of software tools to help our clients understand, model and shape their organisations – so they can eliminate waste, maximise performance and make savings. Benefits

  • Optimised solutions
  • Accurate ‘What if’ scenarios that don’t carry the risk and cost of real-life experiments


  • Scenario results

Client feedback “Through the scenario testing, we were able to tell whether one model was going to be more efficient than another.”

We put forward clear options and recommendations so that clients can make informed evidence-based decisions that enable them to achieve their goals. Benefits

  • Detailed and evidenced recommendations for change


  • Final report

Client feedback “The whole model would have been very different without the analytical understanding and detail that Process Evolution provided.”

We work with clients in the real world, providing the on-going analysis and support that ensures expectations are delivered on the ground. Benefits

  • Responses to real-world changes
  • Benefits realisation monitoring
  • On-going analytical support


  • Ad-hoc analysis

Client feedback “With the help of the evidence-based approach, we are now delivering more performance in a more structured and focussed way, with less resource and having saved a considerable amount of money.”

“Clients improve services and make cashable savings by having the right resources available at the right time and in the right place to meet demand.”

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