Workforce Planner

Workforce Planner is a strategic workforce planning tool. It enables organisations to develop plans to ensure that their workforce is equipped with the right skills to deal with demand in the future. It takes into account the current workforce profile and simulates future staff flows out of, into and within the organisation. Workforce Planner also considers the demand side, allowing you to build in demand and the skills and workload associated with servicing that demand.

Workforce Planner enables you to:

  • Predict future training and recruitment needs
  • Scenario model the effect of changes in demand on workforce needs
  • Model your equal opportunities policies to determine how staff profiles will change over time

The Workforce Planner methodology is aligned to other components of our evidence-based toolset. This means your workforce plans can be joined up with your overarching risk and demand management strategy and target operating model.


  • Align your workforce plans to trends in volume and complexity of demand
  • Identify future skills gaps and take action to address them before they arise
  • Evidence to stakeholders and regulatory authorities that your workforce will be fit for the future
Workforce Planner

Case study

Workforce Planner is currently being piloted with Police Forces to support the developement of their workforce plans as part of their Force Management Statements.

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