Having been involved in the design of Workload Profiler Sim I was quite excited when I heard it was ready for user testing. I thought I would see if I could test a hypothesis of mine with it… namely that combining call taking roles where one of the roles handles relatively short calls (c5 minutes duration) with a role where the call durations are longer (c25 minutes duration) would not yield  the economy of scale that one would normally expect from such multi-skilling.

So I found some client data (suitably anonymised) relating to 101 call handling and crime recording and spent a couple of hours putting together a model. The example encapsulates much of what we had in mind for Workload Profiler Sim, i.e.

  • Capable of modelling and solving simple queuing problems
  • Show the impact of changing shift patterns on performance
  • Show the impact of sequential process steps where one step has a different shift pattern and causes backlogs of work to arise in off shift time
  • Prove that the key feature of Workload Profiler, i.e. its simplicity, can be preserved with the additional functionality of simulation added

I’m pleased to say Workload Profiler was successful in all of the above and in being able to test my hypothesis. If you would like to know what the conclusion is, you’ll need to register on our forum and take a look in the ‘cross-sector products’ forum to read the paper