Patient flow optimisation: consulting and software for Healthcare providers

Process Evolution’s evidence-based approach has been developed specifically for the Emergency Services. Its purpose is to help you meet the  challenges posed by time-dependent and volatile demand in the most effective and efficient manner. Uniquely, we combine the what-if? capability of simulation modelling with the shift pattern design software to enable the development of demand-led rosters. These place suitably skilled resources where and when they are required whilst meeting working time regulations and considering employees’ work-life balance. We have worked with several UK ambulance services, delivering strategic reviews of Emergency Medical Services provision. Our work has led to recommendations affecting fleet mix, location of resources and shift patterns. Upon implementation, improvements in performance against the national response standards (A8, B19) have been realised. We have reviewed shift patterns and working practices in Emergency Operations Centres in order to optimise performance against national call handling targets. Our latest development is a demand forecasting capability. This enables ambulance services to make more informed decisions about abstraction and overtime management in response to anticipated short-term demand fluctuations, leading to improved response times and reduced overtime costs.

Working smarter to meet demand

South Western Ambulance Service has been working with Process Evolution since 2008 and has established its own internal capability to use the evidence based toolset. The toolset was used to underpin the Trust’s 5-year business plan, part of its successful application to become a foundation trust. It is now seen as a fundamental part of the Trust’s strategy of continuous improvement.

“The difference with Process Evolution’s approach is that it produces practical recommendations for change that we can action, rather than a theoretical report which sits on a shelf and no one looks at”

John Wright

West Midlands Ambulance Service

Make Ready / Hub and Spoke implementation

West Midlands Ambulance Service’s Make Ready programme involved establishing large ‘hub stations’ in place of the previous network of 52 smaller stations. Vehicles start and finish duty at a hub but spread out to a network of strategically located tactical deployment points (spokes). Process Evolution’s evidence based suite was used to simulate the proposed design and refine plans accordingly.

Our evidence-based consulting service

We tailor our approach to individual clients and according to the sector that we are working in. Typically there are five key stages:

1. Scope: what needs to be done? We meet with stakeholders so that we can establish a single-team approach and a shared understanding of objectives, priorities and context. This is crystallised in the scoping report.

2. Baseline and diagnose: where are you now?  We capture data from client systems and using our powerful analytical tools are able to show clients what is really happening rather than what they think is happening. With a baseline for current processes, performance and workload, we can clarify the rationale for change and identify areas of opportunity.

3. Model, evaluate & optimise: what are the options for handling demand? With our suite of modelling software, we can use our client data to run a series of accurate 'what-if?' scenarios. These allow you to determine the consequences and costs of, say, adjusting performance targets, the number and categories of vehicles and staff and changes in organisation structures - without the risk and cost of real-life experiments.

4. Report and recommend: what do you need to do?We work with our clients to agree the clear evidence-based options. They are then equipped to make sound decisions about how best to maximise performance and make savings.

5. Support implementation: how do you adapt? We continue to support clients throughout the implementation phase, helping to keep the programme on-track by monitoring the realisation of benefits, responding to real-world change and carrying out on-going analysis.

The software suite for Healthcare and Ambulance services

Scenario modelling of emergency medical services to optimise where, when and how resources are deployed

Transforming data held on operational systems into meaningful management information

Aligning assets and resources to where demand occurs

Design of working time compliant shift patterns that align resources to when demand occurs

Optimisation of contact management processes and resources

Analysis of simultaneous demand

Calculation of resource levels for any business process(es)

Forecasting demand and performance to support short to medium term resource decisions

More information & resources

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