Custody Profiler

Custody Profiler is a computer simulation that accurately mimics a police force’s custody operations. It provides quantitative evidence to support decision making in the context of:

  • Custody estate strategy – the number and location of sites
  • Sizing custody facilities – the number of cells, rooms, terminals etc
  • Resourcing – the number, skill mix and availability of resources to process arrestees and bail backs

In addition to modelling the flow of prisoners from arrest to suite, Custody Profiler models the processes within the suites, taking into account workload associated with the management of prisoner welfare including the management of vulnerable prisoners, for example. Custody Profiler interfaces with the XIMES software in order for alternative shift patterns for custody sergeants and detention officers to be tested and developed.


  • Capital investigation justification or avoidance
  • Efficiency savings
  • Providng the right resource levels to operate a safe and effective custody suite
  • Improved response officer availability

Simulation of custody processes in West Yorkshire

In response to financial pressures through comprehensive spending reviews, and recognising that there had been a downward trend in arrest volumes, West Yorkshire Police has implemented a phased review of its custody estate and resourcing over several years. In each phase, options for change have been evaluated with Process Evolution’s Custody Profiler software which has underpinned changes leading to £3m of annual efficiency savings.

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