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We often get asked how to use specific functionality during discussions with clients. These questions can range from creating particular maps or tagging points in Maptitude or explaining the use of features within our products. In the Hints and Tips section, we’ll provide our latest videos along with links to our video catalogue within our YouTube channel.


Webinar Wednesday – Benchmarking within Emergency Services 

A recording of our Webinar that took place on 5th May 2021. In this session Ali Motion and Peter Loader presented on our experiences in Benchmarking within Emergency Services.

Part 2: https://youtu.be/xBMTyySJKBU

Webinar Wednesday – Estate Provision

A recording of our Webinar that took place on 14th April 2021. In this session Ali Motion presented on considerations for optimal estate provision and the role of Facility Location Planner in these types of decisions.

Webinar Wednesday – Workload Profiler

A recording of our Webinar that took place on 3rd March 2021. In this session Peter Loader presented on the new functionality available within Workload Profiler.

Tagging Points in Maptitude using Table Modification and Fill

How to guide for quickly assigning geographical information to your points within Maptitude. Example shows LSOA and County locations based on the points provided, approach works equally well for your own geography if you wish to apply Beat or Station Grounds from Shapefiles.

Making Shapes for PowerBI

Making PowerBI Shapefiles from Maptitude


Creating Drive Time Contours or Isochromes within Maptitude to generate Spatial files

Process to generate Drive time isochromes within Maptitude and generating Spatial files to use within other analytical tools – in this case Tableau

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