Crime investigation model

Investigation Profiler

Investigation Profiler enables modelling of investigative and safeguarding processes in order to:

  • Determine resource requirements
  • Test alternative processes and working practices
  • Create shift patterns in conjunction with the XIMES shift planning software

We also use Investigation Profiler outputs for modelling process times in RAMP, the Resource Allocation Model for Police.

Investigation Profiler Sim adds dynamic simulation to enable measurement of service levels and end to end process times in investigative processes where, for example, a timely initial response is required or where the process is delivered by different resource types working different shift patterns.


  • Provides evidence base for sizing of investigative teams
  • Identify over / under resourced teams enabling relief of bottlenecks or realisation of efficiencies
  • Enable internal and external benchmarking

Rape investigation support

Investigation Profiler was originally developed to underpin our work for the Home Office and ACPO Rape Support Programme. A key thrust of the programme was the introduction of dedicated rape investigation teams in forces in order to help bring expertise to the investigation of rape. Investigation Profiler uses our proven methodology to provide a robust answer the question ‘how long is a piece of string’, or in this case how long does it take to investigate a crime. Investigation Profiler was used in 14 Forces in some case as part of consulting assignments which provided a wider evidence base to help successfully build the business case for dedicated teams to ACPO officers at a time of diminishing budgets. Subsequently, Investigation Profiler has been extended to enable its application to wider investigative processes;  we and our clients have deployed it on many occasions to support the reorganisation of investigative resources as part of a wider service model redevelopment.

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