Police Response Profiler

Police Response Profiler is a computer simulation model that accurately mimics a police force’s incident response processes. Its purpose is to test alternative scenarios in a low risk modelling environment to understand their impact on timeliness of response and cost of service delivery. Scenarios can include:

  • Testing alternative incident grading policies such as using Threat, Harm and Risk, greater use of telephone resolution and changes to response standards
  • Evaluating alternative operating practices, such as crewing, patrol locations, flexibility to cross borders and functions
  • Optimising resource availability, including setting appropriate minimum staffing levels testing shift patterns

Response Profiler works seamlessly with the XIMES shift pattern design software to enable alternative shift patterns to be developed and tested. It also uses travel time matrices created with Facility Location Planner, using HERE data, to ensure that response times to incidents reflect the road networks and travel conditions specific to your Force.


  • Balance efficiency savings with timeliness of response
  • Align resource more closely to where and when demand occurs
  • Evaluate alternative grading policies ( e.g. based on threat harm and risk) prior to implementation
  • Transparency to secure stakeholder buy-in for proposed change

Listen to Adam Clayton’s experience of using Response Profiler and our other evidence-based software as an analyst at Lancashire Constabulary.

Testing incident response operating practices

A survey of police incident response processes revealed interesting correlation between operating practices of police forces and overall productivity of response officers. Whilst local factors such as force geography and the role of a response officer in investigating crimes will have an impact, we have also found that crewing, flexibility and shift patterns all contribute to the effectiveness and cost of the service provided. The survey figures backed up the findings of project work undertaken with Response Profiler. In one force, we identified am 8% improvement in performance against response standards through implementation of a shift pattern more aligned to when demand occurs. In another Force, optimisation of patrol locations significantly impacted rural response performance, whilst in another Force, £1.5m of efficiency savings was realised through the combined implementation of crewing, shift pattern and brigading changes. “The ability to align our resources to demand – and demonstrate the same – is absolutely critical to us in the current financial climate” Keith Young, Inspector, Metropolitan Police Service

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