Evidence-based software

Evidence-based software for demand management

Our years of knowledge and experience of working with blue-light services, as well as in industry and the service sector, are captured in the tailored software products that we have created. These powerful evidence-based  tools help us accurately diagnose and model organisations so that we can optimise their performance and efficiency whilst accurately predicting the impact of change prior to implementation. We have teamed up with software systems developers who are at the cutting edge of process innovation science. Our partners (XIMES, Simul8 Corporation and Caliper) share our values and ethics.  Their tools work seamlessly with ours to create integrated solutions that consistently deliver demonstrable benefit and value to our clients. Quickly navigate through our software suite here

The software suite

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Evidence-based modelling software
Evidence-based optimisation software
Evidence-based risk modelling software
Evidence-based Strategic Workforce Planning

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Evidence-based resource allocation model
Evidence-based response modelling software
Forensics Profiler

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Workload (Investigation) Profiler

Workload Profiler is a generic process modelling tool that calculates the resource requirements to service a process or set of processes. Originally developed to determine the resources required to service investigative workload for police forces (hence the name Investigation Profiler), Workload Profiler is applicable to any business process or department. BACK TO TOP   30x30px-icon-police-white-72   30x30px-icon-fire-white-72   30x30px-icon-ambulance-white-72   industry icon   Service sector icon

Facility Location Planner

This software tool carries out the complex calculations required to determine the optimal locations for people, vehicles and estate so that geographically dispersed demand can be served in the most efficient way possible. Facility Location Planner applies advanced optimisation algorithms to historical demand data and road network information. BACK TO TOP   30x30px-icon-police-white-72   30x30px-icon-fire-white-72   30x30px-icon-ambulance-white-72   industry icon   Service sector icon


The HARM software maps and models multiple harm and risk domains. It provides quantitative and transparent evidence to support resource allocation decisions and targeting of prevention activity for Police, Fire & Rescue and Medical services . BACK TO TOP

Workforce Planner

Workforce Planner is a strategic workforce planning tool which simulates the flows of staff into, out of and within an organisation in response to changing demand. Workforce Planner is applicable to any business process or department. BACK TO TOP   30x30px-icon-police-white-72   30x30px-icon-fire-white-72   30x30px-icon-ambulance-white-72   industry icon   Service sector icon

XIMES Shift Pattern Design

We help our clients put in the right level of resources at the right time in order to respond to demand.  The XIMES software determines the ideal start and end times of shifts; and then designs rosters that schedule the appropriate numbers of people onto each shift whilst complying with working time regulations. We have designed our simulation software products so that they work seamlessly with XIMES. Simulation produces the ideal resource profile for input into XIMES; correspondingly shift patterns designed with XIMES can then be tested with simulation. BACK TO TOP   30x30px-icon-police-white-72   30x30px-icon-fire-white-72   30x30px-icon-ambulance-white-72   industry icon   Service sector icon

Call Profiler

Call Profiler enables our clients to improve call handling performance and make efficiency savings – without the extra risks and costs of real life experimentation. The modelling software allows us to test new call handling process and organisation structures, determine resource requirements, optimise resource profiles and test shift patterns.  BACK TO TOP   30x30px-icon-police-white-72   30x30px-icon-fire-white-72   30x30px-icon-ambulance-white-72   industry icon   Service sector icon

Incident Analyser

Incident Analyser transforms raw data held on operational systems into meaningful management information through the use of clear graphical, tabular and geographical output. This information provides the vital starting point for successful change by base-lining  current process performance, workload and cost and diagnosing areas of opportunity.  The  consolidated data also feeds into our various resource profiling and modelling tools below. BACK TO TOP   30x30px-icon-police-white-72   30x30px-icon-fire-white-72   30x30px-icon-ambulance-white-72   industry icon   Service sector icon

Simultaneous Incident Deployment Analyser (SIDA)

SIDA uses historical deployment data to understand the likelihood of the number of deployed resources reaching critical levels. It is particularly helpful in emergency response environments where the overall resource utilisation is low but where simultaneous occurrence of major incidents can occasionally result in spikes in resource utilisation. Examples include armed response and fire and rescue services. BACK TO TOP   30x30px-icon-police-white-72   30x30px-icon-fire-white-72   30x30px-icon-ambulance-white-72   industry icon   Service sector icon


Forecaster produces short to medium term forecasts of demand and performance. Web-based, it is designed to support users with a range of forecasting requirements, ranging from duty managers to planners and finance managers. Forecaster takes feeds from operational systems for demand and resource management and uses the data to identify resource gaps and surpluses. This information can be used to support short term abstraction management or support negotiations with commissioners and budget holders, for example.  BACK TO TOP   30x30px-icon-police-white-72   30x30px-icon-fire-white-72   30x30px-icon-ambulance-white-72   industry icon   Service sector icon

Resource Allocation Model for Police (RAMP)

RAMP is a strategic modelling tool designed to enable rapid evaluation of alternative Service Delivery Models for police forces. It can be configured to incorporate all of a Force’s operational capabilities, including Incident Response, Investigation, Safeguarding and Neighbourhood Policing.  RAMP allows the use of demand, process and demographic data to determine how resources should be allocated across Force’s functions and geography to best meet demand. BACK TO TOP   30x30px-icon-police-white-72

Police Response Profiler

Response Profiler allows scenario modelling to balance the cost of service delivery with the timeliness of response. Applicable to local policing, armed response and roads policing, it can be used to determine the resources required to meet target response times under a range of scenarios. These can include varying crewing levels, grading policy and attendance rates and shift patterns. Response Profiler is integrated with the XIMES software so that resource profiles and shift patterns can be tested and optimised. BACK TO TOP   30x30px-icon-police-white-72

Custody Profiler

Custody Profiler enables evidence-based decisions regarding custody strategies (the number and location of sites), the size of facilities (number of cells, rooms, terminals etc) and the resources required to meet demand.  It provides the foundation for justifying or rejecting capital investment and making informed choices about estate costs and arresting / investigating officer travel time.  It can also determine the effect of  trends in demand new processes in relation to vulnerable arrestees.   BACK TO TOP   30x30px-icon-police-white-72

Investigation Profiler

Investigation Profiler enables modelling of investigative processes in order to determine resource requirements, test alternative processes and working practices as well as create shift patterns in conjunction with the XIMES shift planning software. Investigation Profiler is designed to be used in conjunction with our proven method for determining how long different crime types take to investigate. BACK TO TOP   30x30px-icon-police-white-72

Forensics Profiler

Forensics Profiler comprises a suite of modules for scenario modelling of Forensic processes, including Crime Scene Investigation, Fingerprint Bureaux and Chemical Laboratories. Scenarios include changes to process, demand levels and shift patterns, enabling the resource requirements and process timeliness to be measured. BACK TO TOP   30x30px-icon-police-white-72

Fire Incident Response Simulator (FIRS)

FIRS is a generic simulation model of a Fire & Rescue Service’s incident response operations. It can be used to evaluate scenarios such as station closure / merger, new crewing systems (Day crewing), use of alternative response vehicles (e.g. combined aerial ladder platform, fast response vehicles) and changes in demand.  BACK TO TOP   Fire icon

Fire Crewing Model

The Fire Crewing model is a simulation of how Fire & Rescue Services manage crewing abstraction. It enables the alternative costs of different strategies to be compared, including management of simultaneous leave, amount of pooling of resource and use of personnel reserve.  BACK TO TOP   Fire icon

Response Halo

Response Halo is a dynamic cover tool which provides a visualisation of current appliance status overlaid onto a risk map.  BACK TO TOP   Fire icon

Ambulance Response Profiler

Ambulance Response Profiler is a generic computer simulation model capable of configuration to any ambulance services Emergency Medical Service operations.  It can be used to evaluate the resource and performance implication of a range of scenarios, including changes to response standards, alternative estates strategies (e.g. hub and spoke) and to test alternative vehicle mixes (i.e. balance of Paramedic cars with Dual Crewed Ambulances). ARP is designed to work with XIMES Shift Pattern Design to enable the optimisation of resource profiles and development and testing of alternative shift patterns. BACK TO TOP   Ambulance icon

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