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XIMES Shift Pattern Design

Responding to demand in a timely and efficient manner is dependent on having the right resources available at the right time. The XIMES software helps achieve this by firstly determining the ideal start and end times of shifts. It then designs rosters that schedule the appropriate numbers of people onto each shift whilst complying with working time regulations. We have integrated our simulation software products so that they work seamlessly with XIMES. Simulation produces the ideal resource profile for input into XIMES; shift patterns designed with XIMES can be tested with simulation. Shift pattern design with XIMES is a key element in the ‘model, evaluate and optimise stage’ of our 5 step evidence-based consulting process

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All police forces in England and Wales are entitled to a copy of the XIMES software following the acquisition of a software licence by the Home Office in 2007. To view a demonstration of XIMES, watch this video.


  • More efficient rotas by closer match to optimum resource profile
  • Shift patterns in line with the demand profile leading to improved customer service
  • Better work-life balance for employees
  • A happier workforce because teams are not being overstretched at times of peak demand and underutilised at other times
  • Opportunity to engage with staff representatives in the rota design process and explore far more options than is possible through manual rota design,

Shift patterns across the police service

Our experience, backed by the findings of our national police response survey showed correlation between the match of resource to demand and the overall productivity of police officers. In Leicestershire, for example, we evidenced that the enhanced match to demand enables them to respond to around 8% more incidents within their response standard than with a standard force shift pattern. XIMES isn’t just applicable to incident response, but can be used across across an organisation including for relatively small groups of officers and staff. We undertook a project for a group of 14 inspectors in one force in order to help them manage on call duties more effectively. West Mercia, duty manager Mick Marren had designed over 40 different shift patterns using XIMES. “One of the things I really like about XIMES is its highly visual nature. XIMES presents its findings in the form of graphs that aide comprehension. When I show the management team the proposed new pattern they immediately understood the benefits and likewise uniform staff could see how it will impact their working week.With overtime an ongoing problem, if we’d had XIMES before we would have saved a fortune”

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