Enabling Evidence-Based Decisions

Process Evolution helps police services around the UK to optimise resource use and respond in the most effective and efficient way.

Using Effective Modelling Tools

Our multi-purpose tools provide the ability to both investigate and answer a range of service queries.

Consistently Trusted to Deliver

Both historically and currently, our breadth of clients demonstrates a strong base of experience.

Evidence-based Consultancy

We have set the standard for UK police service planning, with a developed and recognised approach that combines thorough analysis, insightful consultancy and the supply of long-term software for organisational change. Our expert team utilises both sophisticated modelling techniques and our in-house software to identify opportunities for improvement and uncover hidden capacity. Simulating scenarios in both the short, medium and long term ensures that the solutions offered are objective, evidence-based and quantified.

We know that every police service has to adapt to its unique challenges, so being dynamic and open in our approach allows us to consistently deliver appropriate solutions. The outputs of our work and the recurring lifecycle of our models allow police services to make data-driven and intuitive internal decisions at any time, for variable lengths of time.

Process Evolution’s approach is always tailored to the needs of its clients. Above all, we are committed to getting it right, for the good of our clients and the people who rely on their services.


Emergency Medical Services

Projecting future demand and optimising the deployment of resources is essential for improving response capabilities.


Understanding and quantifying risks allows fire services to use their people and vehicles in the most effective manner.


Balancing the competing demands on service provision determines the effectiveness and efficiency of police services.


Planning the locations, capacities and utilisation of facilities can improve the processes, supply chains and provision to the public.

Service Sector

Balancing the shift patterns and utilisation of staff can be vital to the success of an effective business and the value provided to its customers.

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