Service Sector

Our work for the Service Sector

We work with the service sector to help organisations develop key characteristics that improve both efficiency and customer satisfaction.

Supporting Future Planning in the Service Industry

The following are all likely to be characteristics of an efficient service organisation with high levels of customer satisfaction:

  • High utilisation of staff
  • Short or zero waiting times for customers
  • Non-value-added activity minimised
  • Services customers with appropriately skilled staff
  • Productive Workforce

With the above in mind, we help organisations to develop these characteristics by improving process design, optimising the allocation of resource and designing demand led, staff-friendly shift patterns that meet the peaks and troughs of workload.

We’ve integrated our suite of technologies to operate from a common set of data, much of which can be easily extracted from operational systems and once extracted, Process Evolution can either work on a consulting bases or equip you to implement our proven approaches internally.

Helping manage The National Forensic Science Marketplace

The management of forensic science contracts is handled by two teams – the West Coast Consortium (WCC) management team and the Home Office Forensic Marketplace management team. The Forensic Management Information Tool (FMIT) saves these teams time and money, whilst ensuring quality and value-for-money for police forces.

Timely provision of forensic evidence can be vital to the success of police forces’ criminal investigations. An increasing number of private companies now deliver such forensic science services under contract. Process Evolution were commissioned by the Home Office to provide a national management information solution to enable contracts to be effectively managed and to allow the Home Office team to monitor the overall forensic marketplace. The system allows contracts to be monitored to ensure that contracted service levels are met. It helps cost variances to be understood, thus ensuring services are priced correctly and police forces are receiving value for money at a time when they are under increasing financial pressures.

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