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About Process Evolution

Process Evolution works with police services throughout the UK, and has previously helped emergency services across the world to optimise resource use and respond in the most effective and efficient way. Our work ranges from response optimisation, workforce profiling and planning, and improving service delivery time in control rooms and across other policing functions.

Our Staff

Partnered with the company ORH, we place great emphasis on developing the skills of our employees through exposure to interesting projects that have a real-life impact. We pride ourselves on our approachability and strongly value the different skillsets of our staff.

Company History

Process Evolution has been working alongside public sector services since 2004; however, the origins of the company go back to years of experience gained from the founding company directors. We have helped a number of organisations since the company was founded, and here are a few of our milestones.

Process Evolution is formed by Peter Loader and Rob Somer. The company also secures independent business with Merseyside Fire and Rescue service.


The company secures a key tender award, working with the Highways Agency to provide a resource allocation model.


Process Evolution undertakes its first ambulance service reviews alongside its first project within the aerospace and defence sector.


The company delivers a national ‘evidence-based’ programme on behalf of the National Policing Improvement Agency.


Growing in size and capability, Process Evolution extends its portfolio of work to geographical optimisation modelling and tools.


The company undertakes its first overseas emergency services project.


Process Evolution releases the Resource Allocation Model for Police (RAMP), which enables extensive and intuitive engagement in force-wide change projects.


Based on the success and uptake of the models developed, Process Evolution launches the ‘Continuous Improvement Programme’, aimed at helping clients through continued implementation and support on projects.


The company has its first client hosted ‘user-group’ meeting, enabling shared and best practice across its range of users.


The company launches the Harm and Risk Modelling (HARM) tool, providing emergency services with a quantitative and transparent evidence-based identification system in which to manage their work.


Workforce planner is launched, enabling users to accurately predict training, recruitment and leaving rates for their staff, and therefore to effectively plan and mitigate workforce risks.


The company undertakes a project for Hampshire Constabulary, integrating a workforce planning and forecasting methodology.


Process Evolution completes a merger with the consultancy Operational Research in Health Limited (ORH), working as the re-branded policing arm of the company and further helping emergency services in their continuous improvement journey.


Merging with ORH

Our most recent milestone is our merger with another consultancy, Operational Research in Health Limited (ORH). Based in Reading, ORH helps public services around the world and has a multi-continental client base. With our staff working across both consultancies, the cross-sector skills will provide a variety of new approaches, solutions and exciting methodologies, and we’re excited to be the policing arm of this new joint venture.

More about ORH’s work can be read here.

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