Process Evolution Webinars

We run a number of interactive webinars on our tools and best modelling practices to help clients get the best out of the continued implementation of the Process Evolution suite. Take a look at our upcoming webinars and past recordings below.

June 2022 – Contact Management

In our Webinar for June 2022, Ali Motion discusses the evolution of contact management within control rooms. The presentation outlines typical areas for modelling around Police Control Room structures as well as a touching on some of the important considerations when modelling Fire Control Rooms.

May 2022 – Activity Analysis

In our Webinar for May 2022, Ali Motion talks through the various types of activity analysis which we undertake, highlighting some of the benefits and challenges with each approach.

April 2022 – Response Sergeants

In our April Webinar, we have guest speakers talking through their experience of modelling Response Sergeants within their Force.

Allan Fox from Cleveland Police details the work he and his team have undertaken to understand Response Sergeant workload. While Rhiannon Lester from South Wales Police discussed a recent project she had worked on which evidenced the need for an increase in Response Sergeant Establishment

February 2022 – Response Profiler Hints and Tips

In our second Webinar of 2022, Ali Motion outlines hints and tips to bear in mind when using the Response Profiler tool

January 2022 – Impact of COVID-19 pandemic on Policing

For our first Webinar of 2022, Ali Motion discusses the effect that COVID-19 has had on policing in England and Wales

September 2021 – Specialist Operations

In our Webinar for September, Ali Motion summarises some of the key learnings from work we’ve undertaken in assessing Specialist Operations for Policing and Specialist Appliances within Fire.

June 2021 – Custody Profiler

In our Webinar for June, Rob Somer discusses all things Custody using our Custody Profiler tool.

Feb 2021 – Calculating Minimum Staffing Levels within Response Profiler

A recording of our Webinar that took place on 3rd Feb 2021. In this session, Mark Bryant explains the calculator functionality of Response Profiler along with concepts such as Critical, Sustainable and Desirable staffing levels. These critical inputs can then be used during the process to determine Minimum Staffing Levels (MSL) for Response Policing.

April 2021 – Estate Provision

A recording of our Webinar that took place on 14th April 2021. In this session, Ali Motion presented on considerations for optimal estate provision and the role of Facility Location Planner in these types of decisions.

March 2021 – Workload Profiler

A recording of our Webinar that took place on 3rd March 2021. In this session, Peter Loader presented on the new functionality available within Workload Profiler.

Tagging Points in Maptitude using Table Modification and Fill

A how-to guide for quickly assigning geographical information to your points within Maptitude. The example shows LSOA and County locations based on the points provided and this approach works equally well for your own geography if you wish to apply Beat or Station Grounds from Shapefiles.

Making Shapes for PowerBI

Making PowerBI Shapefiles from Maptitude

Creating Drive Time Contours or Isochromes within Maptitude to generate Spatial files

Process to generate Drive time isochromes within Maptitude and generating Spatial files to use within other analytical tools – in this case Tableau