Emergency Medical Services

Emergency Medical Services

Our work with healthcare services can predict how demand rates are likely to change and help providers to plan for the future. This involves using a wealth of data collected by ambulance services and delivering evidence-based solutions that enable the most effective use of resources.

Supporting future planning with Emergency Medical Services

Going forward, healthcare consultancy will be taken on by Process Evolution’s partner company, ORH.

Working with public sector services since 1986, ORH has a long-standing history of success in effective, thorough and evidence-based consultancy work. Further information on how they can support emergency medical services can be read here.

Dynamic Cover Tool

In addition to consultancy work, Process Evolution’s partner consultancy, ORH, provides its Dynamic Cover Tool (DCT) software to support dynamic decision making in the control room and enable effective and efficient resource use.

Emergency services use ORH’s DCT to assess coverage on a live basis, optimise standby moves, review historical data and make informed decisions on resource locations.

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ORH healthcare consultancy case studies

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