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Process Evolution Team

Working across both Process Evolution and ORH portfolios, the team is part of a small company with an emphasis on developing the skills of our employees through exposure to interesting projects that have a real-life impact.

Managing Director
Senior Consultant
Business Support & Compliance
Analytical Consultant
Analytical Consultant
Process Evolution Associate
Company Founder
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Principal Consultant
Principal Consultant
Process Evolution Associate
Company Founder
Process Evolution Associate

Chris Polden

Managing Director

As Managing Director, Chris is responsible for overseeing all Process Evolution projects, ensuring that they run to schedule and are of a consistently high standard.

During his time as a senior consultant Chris gained extensive project management experience across a wide range of studies, varying in both size and sector, which considerably broadened his knowledge base.

Prior to that, and in his role as Consultant, Chris was heavily involved in data analysis and modelling of the provision of emergency services, focusing particularly on emergency ambulance cover.

Chris’ experience includes:

  • Managing emergency and non-emergency service reviews.
  • Reviewing response strategies for both national and local ambulance services.
  • Developing new operational models for ambulance service delivery.
  • Specifying developments to the Process Evolution suite of simulation and optimisation programs, the tools which underpin this work.

James Batchelor

Senior Consultant

James has been involved in a range of data analysis and modelling reviews for emergency services, with particular emphases on contact management. He has lead appraisals of emergency and non-emergency control rooms both in the UK, and overseas.

He works closely with clients to understand their requirements, toiler the use of Process Evolution’s simulation and optimisation software and communicate results to audiences at all levels. James also plays a key role in the development of ORH’s Dynamic Cover Tool (DCT).

James’ experience includes:

  • Optimising the configuration and staffing within emergency operations centres to achieve call answering KPSs, reduce dispatch times and improve secondary triage rates.
  • Benchmarking service provision, establishing areas for improvement and appraising operational efficiencies.
  • Modelling the impacts of demand growth, changing standards and operational changes across ambulance, police and fire services.

Mark Bryant


Mark has been working with Process Evolution since its inception and possesses an extensive knowledge of police and ambulance modelling and analysis. Over his time with the company, he’s played a pivotal role in the scoping, development, delivery and continued implementation of many of the tools within the Process Evolution Suite.

Mark’s experience includes:

  • Undertaking Response Policing and wider resourcing reviews for a number of police services
  • Running re-profiling projects for emergency service call-centres and control rooms across multiple sectors
  • Provision of training and continued implementation support of Process Evolution models into client organisations
  • Creation of shift pattern options that balance business and staffing requirements

Natalie Davies

Business Support & Compliance

As our lead on Business Support, Natalie heads up our internal continuous improvement programme and ensures that iterative developments are always seen across projects.

Bringing a wealth of project management experience from previous roles, Natalie provides business support, event organisation and compliance guidance across the company.

Natalie’s experience includes:

  • Organising our annual client conference
  • Leading on all compliance queries, the process improvement programme and the attainment of accreditations such as ISO
  • Managing and coordinating all tender responses and processes

Matt Gill

Analytical Consultant

Joining in early 2023, Matt brings a wealth of experience with him from his time in the public service and has since been involved in a number of Process Evolution Projects. His involvement covers a variety of topics from initial analysis through to optimisation and presentation of results.

With knowledge on many of the tools within the Process Evolution suite, Matt liaises closely with clients to understand their requirements and tailor the tools to their specific needs.

Matt’s experience includes:

  • Completing Response and Neighbourhood function reviews
  • Optimising staffing and resource requirements within policing call centres
  • Using and optimising the HARM tool for a number of emergency services

Tom Gloess

Analytical Consultant

Since joining, Tom has been involved in a range of projects for emergency services in the UK and overseas in Canada and Australia for ORH. His involvement in projects typically spans a wide variety of tasks, from data collection and analysis to simulation and optimisation modelling.

Tom’s technical skills have seen him taking a leading role in enhancing the ways in which we use SQL for data analysis. In addition, he has developed an in-depth understanding of Process Evolution’s tool suite, liaising with clients on projects to implement and/or utilise the software.

Tom’s experience includes:

  • Streamlining processes as part of the Nottinghamshire Constabulary custody review
  • Completed a service review of the National Police Air Service
  • Created and implemented the SPE tool to assist Hampshire Constabulary In shift pattern allocation.

Ashley Liggins

Process Evolution Associate

Ashley has more than 10 years of experience in policing in senior and analytical roles at local and regional levels, supported by a background in Psychology and Criminology, focusing in advanced statistics. As a consultant and advisor, Ashley specialises in helping police forces improve with an evidence-based approach to understanding their demand in designing and implementing system improvements and new operating models, and undertaking post implementation reviews. Ashley can advise in the areas of performance management, strategy and business intelligence.

Ashley’s experience includes:

  • Large scale analysis for organisational change and continuous improvement, including securing £3.5m additional funding for a medium sized Police Force and enabling cost savings of over £5m whilst maintaining or improving performance.
  • Innovation, Ashley is passionate about bridging the gaps between academia and policing, using research to inform evidence based activities to improve performance within resource constraints. Ashley is also a published author on offending, focusing on the continuity and change of membership in the felonious few.
  • Modelling and analysis across frontline policing and enabling departments, recent work includes the areas of investigation and public protection for Dorset Police
  • Maintaining NPPV3 and SC vetting clearances and also undertakes the role of academic tutor at the Cambridge Centre of Evidence-Based Policing.

Peter Loader

Company Founder

Peter co-founded Process Evolution in 2004 with aim of harnessing the power of computer simulation with other advanced analytical and optimisation techniques. Prior to forming Process Evolution, Peter had experience of applying simulation modelling across business as a consultant and in commercial roles.

As a former director of Process Evolution, Peter was commercial lead and had oversight of the majority of our work to ensure delivery to time and quality standards in line with client goals. He now provides ongoing support through commercial, project management and assignment delivery.

Peter’s experience includes:

  • Managing large programmes of work, including operating model reviews within individual police forces and thematic national projects
  • Delivering evidence-based consulting projects across many operational policing processes
  • Applying simulation modelling across many sectors in industry, service and government

Jon Mobbs

Principal Consultant

Jon is an experienced emergency services planner, responsible for managing Process Evolution projects for police service providers in the UK. Jon also plays a key role in the development of Process Evolution’s simulation models.

On joining, Jon initially focused on data analysis and simulation modelling of emergency medical services, before taking on a consulting and project managing role.

Jon’s experience includes:

  • Project Management for clients around the world, including services in Australia, New Zealand, Canada and the Middle East
  • Simulation modelling and optimisation of all elements of emergency medical services, from call taking and dispatch to the deployment of emergency vehicles
  • Provision of planning tools and modelling support, including training for service planning staff

Ali Motion

Principal Consultant

Ali is the commercial lead for our Policing business as well as actively managing many of our projects. Ali joined Process Evolution in 2015 and has developed extensive experience in the delivery of consulting services in the Policing and Fire sector.

Ali’s experience includes:

  • Leading in Neighbourhood reviews in over 10 Police Forces
  • Developing new software propositions including developing the Harm and Risk Tool
  • Conducting several studies modelling resource requirements for Specialist Operations functions including Firearms, Dogs Section, Roads Policing Units.

Jared Parkin

Principal Consultant

Jared brings over thirty years of experience in policing to support Process Evolution and their clients.  With considerable operational and strategic proficiency as a Senior Leader in the Police Service, he is able to understand the pressures faced by, and the needs of, a wide range of clients.

With a strong background in evidence-based policing, programme management, leadership and coaching, Jared’s subject matter expertise is utilised to facilitate an operational understanding in delivering a professional approach to programmes and projects.

Jared’s experience includes:

  • Programme management for a large Regional Police Service Programme, ensuring that the requirements of the National (UK) Police Service were achieved
  • Leading large departments and programmes, resulting in improved efficiency, effectiveness, and performance
  • An understanding of big data and the importance of an evidence base to inform decision making, achieved through a Masters degree in Applied Criminology (Evidence Based Policing and Police Management) at Cambridge University
  • Strategic command of several mission-critical policing events

Kevin Sheehy

Process Evolution Associate

Kevin has been involved in a range of projects for Process Evolution for the last 8 years; covering police services in the UK as well as other projects across Defence, Manufacturing, Oil & Gas and Service Industries. His involvements in projects has covered skills from data collection and analysis to simulation modelling.

Kevin’s main expertise revolves around simulation modelling where he has over 30 years’ experience in using a number of simulation tools. In addition, he has developed an in-depth understanding of Process Evolution’s tool suite, liaising with clients on projects to implement and/or utilise the software.

Kevin’s experience includes:

  • Improving process around Call Handling in a number of Police Forces
  • Improving processes around Incident Response in a number of Police Forces
  • Supporting Serco in a number of bids using simulation modelling
  • Creating/using a number of models in the Oil and Gas sector – e.g. Port Models.

Rob Somer

Company Founder

Rob founded Process Evolution with Peter in 2003. The motivation for this was driven by the desire to offer a better service to clients by developing the correct tool for the job rather than hacking existing software to fit the client’s needs.

In the past 20 years Rob has worked across all the emergence service sectors and delivered projects in the manufacturing world. Projects typically start with process mapping followed by data collection and analysis; this informs the simulation model build and model scenario testing. “Modelling is very much like a computer game: The shop-floor is the field of play, the machines are the players and the game is controlled by rules. The objective is learning how to play the game to get the maximum score for the minimum cost!”

Rob’s experience includes:

  • Building a generic process simulation model of a brewery for an international client, which included international travel as well as supporting the daily quality testing process.
  • Developing the algorithm used for the Facility Location Planner software
  • Developing the Workload profiler model
  • Benchmarking custody processes

Sam Taylor


Since joining, Sam has been involved in a variety of projects for emergency services in both the UK and overseas for ORH. Sam’s technical skills in data analysis, dashboard creation, optimisation and simulation modelling have seen him smoothly transition into the Process Evolution toolset.

Sam has already accumulated a substantial amount of experience in creating and running Process Evolution tools, and has worked with a number of forces on their modelling and change projects.

Sam’s experience includes:

  • Creating simulations and reviews with the Response Profiler
  • Using the RAMP tool as part of the Hampshire & Isle of Wight model refresh project
  • Creating Coverage Profilers for forces as part of the transition from the FLP

Andrew Wilson

Process Evolution Associate

Andrew has more than 22 years of experience in senior policing and criminal justice roles at local, regional and national level. Andrew is now a senior consultant and advisor (UK and remote), specialising in helping police forces succeed with an evidence-based approach to understand resource demand, designing and implementing new target operating models and undertaking post implementation reviews.

Andrew’s experience includes:

  • Leading high stakes and high impact programmes; securing £5.5m additional funding for a Police Force, leading forcewide restructures and delivering large-scale change programmes, with combined cost savings delivered of over £15m whilst maintaining or improving performance.
  • Consistently innovating; being the first to deliver a new investigation and intelligence system with 100% of data migrated on day 1 and being commended for developing a national policing programme in response to COVID-19.
  • Extensive experience of modelling and analysis in the investigation, criminal justice and public protection functions as well as general programme management delivery.
  • NPPV3 and SC vetting clearances; also works with the Cambridge Centre of Evidence-Based Policing.

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