Our work for the industry sector

We use our extensive simulation and modelling techniques to help businesses in the industry sector maintain capability whilst staying within the bounds of affordability. Using the data we collect from different sectors; we provide an optimal strategy that enables effective use of resources.

Supporting Future Planning in the Industry Sector

Across any and all facets of industry, simulation modelling helps and overcomes the limitations of spreadsheets and other static tools by incorporating the real-life complexities seen across these functions.

In Oil and Gas, Simulation modelling is used to test the impact of alternative investment strategies and operating practices, accurately predicting outcomes in a low-risk modelling environment. Across Defence & Aerospace, testing maintenance strategies, evaluating alternative working practices and predicting key metrics such as lead time, OEE and cost. Simulation can also be used across the food & drink sector, designing new factories, streamlining the interface between automated and manual process and testing alternative production strategies.

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