Our work for the Police

We work with police services to meet the challenges associated with modern policing and in maintaining & improving delivery while under increasing fiscal pressures. Finding the successful balance of competing demands within these services is crucial to determine the effectiveness and efficiency of a modern policing function.

Supporting Future Planning

In future planning, police services need to consider a wide range of competing demands and options for change. Process Evolution supports this planning process by utilising its wide range of simulation tools and techniques to model client’s operating environment, and so predict the impacts of potential changes. Some of the issues we’ve helped police services to address include:

  • What are the optimal dispatch points for response to service demand?
  • What is the optimal staff spread to manage caseloads across respective remits?
  • How will changes in the operating environment affect demand and performance?

Our approach to working with police services follows a data-led methodology to understand the operational complexities faced today, and to train police service staff and officers in how to effectively use our tools for future operating needs. Process Evolution’s experienced consultants ensure that the evidence-based outcomes and training on simulation tools are easily understood and support the plans outlined by the client.

Areas of Focus for Police Services

Across the UK, the inspection body (HMICFRS) applies its police effectiveness, efficiency and legitimacy (PEEL) assessment to understand and assess a service against its ability to utilise their resources, meet the expectations of the public and the inspecting body, and whether it is planning wisely for the future. Process Evolution’s approach focuses on addressing these concerns by examining current resource use and identifying potential changes that could provide improved performance within financial constraints.

Police services should ensure that there is the right skill mix within their workforce to meet differing challenging requirements, alongside being able to have the tools to amend these variables in a dynamic fashion. Our work seeks to quantify the variable risks across a police service area and optimise factors such as the location of dispatch stations, the shift patterns utilised by different policing functions, and the staffing levels to match both current and prospective changes in demand.

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