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Warwickshire Police – Local Policing Review


The Challenge

Warwickshire Police needed to make savings of £3M from its annual budget. At the same time, Response Policing was under pressure with reports of rising demand, work overflowing to Neighbourhood Teams and concern for officer wellbeing.

Process Evolution was commissioned to identify options for financial savings while alleviating the pressure on Response Policing.

Process Evolution’s Approach

Process Evolution undertook a robust baselining of the demand placed on Response Policing. This involved analysis of data from incident and crime systems together with a series of practitioner workshops to identify hidden demand. Comparing the outputs with our benchmarking data enables us to identify potential improvements that were tested using our Response Profiler simulation model.


We presented a menu of options to Warwickshire Police and worked with the Force to combine these into a preferred solution. The recommendations included:

  • Reviewing incident grading policy
  • Implementing an office-based demand reduction unit to resolve incidents without deployment
  • Increasing the contribution of Roads Policing to local incident response
  • Adjusting the Response shift pattern to better match resource availability to when incidents are reported
  • Better exploitation of mobile technology


Warwickshire Police implemented Process Evolution’s recommendations in full, enabling the required savings to be realised and backlogs of outstanding incidents to be removed, therefore releasing time for health and wellbeing activities.

Alexander Franklin-Smith, Assistant Chief Constable said:

“Process Evolution’s work informed a number of fundamental changes to our policing model which continue to serve us and our communities well. They’re very professional, comprehensive and thorough”

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