Workload (Investigation) Profiler

Workload Profiler is a generic process modelling tool that can be used to:

  • Determine resource requirements
  • Test alternative processes and working practices
  • Create shift patterns in conjunction with the XIMES shift planning software

Originally developed to determine the resources required to service investigative workload for police forces (hence the name Investigation Profiler), we found that the software was being used by our clients to model a range of business processes. We therefore enhanced Workload Profiler further to make it applicable to any business process or department.


  • Reliable quantification of resource requirements
  • Capable of use by analysts or department managers with minimal training
  • Enables participation of practitioners in determining work content of processes, securing buy-in to the outputs
  • Generic applicability enables consistency of approach and confidence in the outputs

Workload Profiler Simulation

Workload Profiler Sim adds dynamic simulation to enable measurement of service levels and end to end process times in queuing systems. These are processes with characteristics such as random demand, variable process times and prioritisation which are more difficult to analyse with modelling tools based solely on averages.

Staffordshire Police underpins Communities First with Workload Profiler

Staffordshire Police has used Workload Profiler across its business to underpin change that has saved over £26m since 2011. ‘Profiling’ the workload is an essential pre-requisite to making change and the approach has the full buy in of chief officers and staff representatives alike.


It is a Resource Management Tool that the Organisation can continue to utilise and we as a Federation are happy to continue the working relationship we have with the Team to try and address any future issues that may impact on our officersStaffordshire Police Federation

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