Case studies


East Midlands police collaboration delivers performance improvements and £5 million savings in first year

Leaders of EMOpSS – the East Midland Operational Support Service – credited Process Evolution with ‘breaking some myths’ about how policing was being delivered and providing the detailed evidence to engage stakeholders and inform the development of integrated services. By bringing together roads policing, serious collision investigation, armed policing and streamlining training, EMOpSS has increased performance as well as produced cashable savings of £5.2 million in its first year.

Fire & Rescue

Hampshire Fire and Rescue Service develops Activity Based Crewing model

Hampshire Fire and Rescue Service has recently underpinned its comprehensive Risk Review project with evidence based consulting services provided by Process Evolution. The outcome is a 5-tiered approach to capability covering both Local Intervention and Strategic Support. Under the new model, the service is moving away from sending the traditional fire engine crewed by between four and six people to every incident regardless of the resources required to deal with it. The approach is enabled by an Activity Based Crewing model that aligns each fire station’s crew numbers to the peaks in activity and demand. The new model results in greater flexibility and efficiency and an improved capability to resource incidents across Hampshire as a whole.


Working smarter to meet demand

South Western Ambulance Service has been working with Process Evolution since 2008 and has established its own internal capability to use the evidence based toolset. The toolset was used to underpin the Trust’s 5-year business plan, part of its successful application to become a foundation trust. It is now seen as a fundamental part of the Trust’s strategy of continuous improvement.


XIMES helps AEC improve throughput

Following design of new shift patterns for its Birmingham based manufacturing sites, Vice-President of Human Resources for Aero Engine Controls, Mike Moran cited the benefits of working with Process Evolution: “First, in enabling the leadership team to understand with confidence, how we could cover our business working hours requirements, based on proven, deployed working patterns in other private and public sector organisations. Second, we asked PE to work with our trade union representatives so that they could understand in an objective way, the options for covering the new working hours requirements. In practice this meant that PE consultants worked with the reps without the leadership teams involvement and this resulted in the reps getting to an understanding of the limits of what was and what was not possible, much more quickly and effectively than had we tried to work through working pattern options in negotiation.” Output in some of the productions areas are up by more than 10% since implementation of the new shift patterns.

Service sector

Helping manage the national forensic science marketplace

Timely provision of forensic evidence can be vital to the success of police forces’ criminal investigations. An increasing number of private companies now deliver such forensic science services under contract. Process Evolution were commissioned by the Home Office to provide a national management information solution to enable contracts to be effectively managed for quality and value for money; as well as allow the Home Office team to monitor the overall forensic marketplace.

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