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Insights and Innovation: Highlights from the Process Evolution Client Conference 2023


This year’s Process Evolution Client Conference, held in Nottingham, brought together representatives from seven client organisations for two days of intensive collaboration and practitioner sessions. The event served as a dynamic platform for policing professionals to delve into analytical techniques, maximise tool potential, and gain valuable insights from the experiences of their peers.

Spanning two days, the conference featured 14 sessions covering a spectrum of topics designed to empower participants in leveraging their tools, understanding analytical methodologies, and exploring real-world applications. The following is a brief snapshot of the conference’s rich content:

The inaugural day focused on analytical support for Process Evolution’s software. Ali Motion kicked off proceedings with a keynote addressing the pivotal questions posed by senior policing leaders. Jon Mobbs and Matt Gill delivered impactful presentations on the challenges faced by Police Forces in service planning and benchmarking. Post-lunch sessions included a deep dive into survey effectiveness by Sam Faulknall-Mills, The contents of a typical response shift by Jon Mobbs, insights on model validation and scenario analysis by Mark Bryant, and a closing presentation on the evolution of the HARM tool within Policing.

The second day delved into the collaborative efforts between Process Evolution and Police Forces, featuring case study examples and tool evolution. Jared Parkin, a seasoned professional with over 30 years at Dorset Police, shared lessons learned from their Process Evolution journey and effective project leadership within a police force. Ali Motion returned to showcase the RAMP tool’s role in understanding the impact of changing remits and presented a case study on utilising Workload Profiler in modelling changes to RASSO investigations. A client success story by Allan Fox from Cleveland Police offered valuable insights into their ‘perfect storm’ managing increasing demand, recruitment challenges, and an inexperienced workforce.

The event concluded with a comprehensive update on tool development. This included Lead developer Dr. Tom Boness discussing the enhancements to tool usability and unveiling exciting new developments. Jon Mobbs provided an overview of the Demand Coverage model (DCM), set to replace the Facility Location Planner (FLP) and reduce reliance on Excel and Maptitude software.

These sessions provided participants with actionable insights to maximise their tool potential and served as a catalyst for networking and idea-sharing among Police Forces nationwide.

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